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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. Analysis - In this phase you're determining if a training is necessary, what it will cover, and who the learners are

2. Evaluate - Test and prove the worth of your training

3. Implementation - In this phase the training is being conducted.

4. Design - In this phase you will determine the assessment, how you will deliver, and what your instructional strategy will be

5. Design

5.1. Determine your objectives

5.2. Design your assessments

5.2.1. What do you want to know and what will you do with it?

5.3. What is your delivery system

5.4. Determine your instructional strategy

5.5. Evaluate

6. Implementation

6.1. Train the Trainer

6.1.1. Research and prepare experiment

6.2. Prep your learners

6.3. Arrange the space

6.4. Evaluate

7. Evaluate

7.1. One to One Eval

7.2. Test clarity, impact, effectiveness - make changes

7.3. Small Group Eval

7.4. Determine the effectiveness of the changes made

7.5. Conduct training

7.6. Evaluate!

8. Analysis

8.1. What are the learning objectives?

8.2. Who's the audience?

8.3. How much instruction needs to be given?

9. Development

9.1. Create a sample

9.2. Create your course materials

9.3. Conduct a run-through

9.4. Evaluate

10. Development - In this phase you will share your progress, and collect feedback from dry runs