Festivals in London

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Festivals in London by Mind Map: Festivals in London

1. The Alternative Village Fete

1.1. takes place on:

1.1.1. National Theatre Square

1.2. art works in unusual enviroments

1.3. the programme includes:

1.3.1. live art

1.3.2. performance art

1.3.3. communal country dancing

1.3.4. food and other goods

1.4. hosted by:

1.4.1. 'home live art'

2. Notting Hill Carnival

2.1. 'the Uk's biggest street party'

2.2. featuring:

2.2.1. parade of floats

2.2.2. Caribbean music

2.2.3. dance and food

2.3. celebrates London's multicultural heritage

2.4. over the August bank holiday weekend

3. Batman Live

3.1. produced by:

3.1.1. 'Warner Bros Consumer Products'

3.2. for all the family

3.3. part theatre, part circus act and part pure visual

4. This is Design

4.1. a fascinating exhibition

4.1.1. in The Design Museum

4.1.2. about the impacts of modern designs

4.1.3. that challenges the viewer

4.2. the collection includes

4.2.1. Classic designs, for example: Swiss army knife Mini car

4.2.2. everyday objects, for example: road signs utility clothing

5. The Floating Cinema

5.1. by artists:

5.1.1. Nina Pope

5.1.2. and Karen Guthrie

5.2. part of the Create 11 summer festival

5.3. film projection

5.3.1. on a boat

5.3.2. on buildings next to the canal

5.4. afterwards

5.4.1. you can learn about making of the films