Classical and operant conditioning.

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Classical and operant conditioning. by Mind Map: Classical and operant conditioning.

1. Classical conditioning.

1.1. Is when you associate a sound or a words with any activity for example, In my daily routine when my mom say go wash your hands, I know that it's time to eat and your reaction is go wash your hands and start to eat.

2. Operant conditioning.

2.1. In this conditioning there are two main components.

2.2. Reinforcement

2.2.1. Positive.

2.2.2. Negative.

2.3. Punishment.

2.3.1. Positive.

2.3.2. Negative.

3. Punishment.

3.1. Positive: adding a new stimulus for example you don't did your homework so you have clean your room and wash the dishes.

3.2. Negative: removing a stimulus for example you don't pass the final test so you don't play video-games on vacations.

4. Reinforcement.

4.1. Positive: Reinforcers make that you repeat any good action or good activity, for example when you finsh your homework, your mother give you your favorite dessert so you always want finish your homework.

4.1.1. 1st Sitting

4.1.2. 2nd Sitting

4.1.3. 3rd Sitting

4.2. Negative: Reinforcement negative means the removal of a stimuls for example you passed grade in the school and on vactions you don't have clean you room.