Volunteer Thinking

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Volunteer Thinking by Mind Map: Volunteer Thinking

1. Frameworks

1.1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

1.1.1. Pros Access to an existing community

1.1.2. Cons by Jeff Atwood Involves payments Most tasks are SPAM Alternative Private software

1.2. BOSSA

1.2.1. Pros Open Source General framework Easy to deploy LAMP server The project define the policies by writing PHP functions

1.2.2. Cons PHP based Relies on BOINC server No credit system

1.2.3. Features Jobs Built-in distribution policies Replication policies Volunteers Assessment based on Built-in function to classify users

1.2.4. Possible extensions (by David Anderson) Integration with BOINC Teams as volunteers Offline jobs CouchDB HTML5 offline storage

1.2.5. Installation Download BOINC software It is not necessary to compile any library Create a project using: make_project --web_only test Modify index.php to include a link for BOSSA Ideas Split code from BOINC Keep integration with BOINC

2. Web-based training and education

2.1. BOLT

2.1.1. Pros Fully integrated with BOSSA BOINC

2.1.2. Cons HTML and PHP mixed Difficult to make templates

2.1.3. Features A course is a sequence of Lessons Exercises Exercises can be Reviewed Repeated Refreshed at intervals of weeks or months Analytics Lessons can be compared for a given topic Lessons results can be Attributes and adaptation is missing in official site