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Volunteer Thinking by Mind Map: Volunteer Thinking
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Volunteer Thinking


Amazon Mechanical Turk

Pros, Access to an existing community

Cons, by Jeff Atwood, Involves payments, Most tasks are SPAM, Alternative, Mary Poppendieck's Team Compensation, Amazon user reviews, Private software


Pros, Open Source, General framework, Easy to deploy, LAMP server, The project define the policies by writing PHP functions

Cons, PHP based, Relies on BOINC server, No credit system

Features, Jobs, Built-in distribution policies, Each job has a floating-point priority, Jobs are issued in order of decreasing priority, Replication policies, Get at least N finished instances of each job, Decide whether the error probability is below a given threshold, Achieve an overall level of accuracy that is higher than the population average, Also useful for tasks that do not have a unique correct answer, Allows to collect alternatives, Volunteers, Assessment based on, Volunteer's performance on a training course, Volunteer's performance on a set of calibration jobs (with known answers) intermixed with the job stream, The extent to wich the volunteer's response agrees with the "correct" response, as determined by replication., Volunteer's abilities can be described as, An error rate, The rates of false positives and false negatives separately, Several dimensions, according to task complexity, Built-in function to classify users, Different skill levels, Can do tasks well, Can do tasks poorly, Few of them may intentionally do tasks incorrectly, Use of Experts, Send jobs based on the type of users, Experts do the same job, only better, Experts might be used to get concensus, Experts might be used to verify rare features found by non-experts, Experts do more sophisticated jobs, Non-experts might look for features, while experts classify them

Possible extensions (by David Anderson), Integration with BOINC, Teams as volunteers, Offline jobs, CouchDB, Schema-free, Data stored as JSON format, RESTful JSON API, Distributed, Incremental replication, Bi-directional conflict detection and management, Offline work, late synch, JavaScript as a query language, Apache project, HTML5 offline storage, SQL-based DB API, Offline HTTP Cache

Installation, Download BOINC software, It is not necessary to compile any library, Create a project using: make_project --web_only test, Modify index.php to include a link for BOSSA, Ideas, Split code from BOINC, Repository, Database, MVC model, RESTful API, Better integration with modern Javascript libraries, Keep integration with BOINC

Web-based training and education


Pros, Fully integrated with, BOSSA, BOINC

Cons, HTML and PHP mixed, Difficult to make templates

Features, A course is a sequence of, Lessons, Questions, Multiple-choice, Fill in the blank, Graphical, etc., Feedback, By default each BOLT page has a "ask question link", Exercises, Exercises can be, Reviewed, Repeated, Refreshed at intervals of weeks or months, Analytics, Lessons can be compared for a given topic, Lessons results can be, Filtered by, Sex, Age, Broken down by, Sex, Age, Analyzed by traffic maps, Where students, spend lots of time, are dropping out, are scoring too high, Course maps, Minard's map of Napoleon's march, Protovis for Minard's Map, Attributes and adaptation is missing in official site