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Philip Uglow Suggested RCCC 2011-12 Goals by Mind Map: Philip Uglow
Suggested RCCC
2011-12 Goals
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Philip Uglow Suggested RCCC 2011-12 Goals




Show funding model

Need to figure out how revenues are generated.


Effective use of Volunteer Time

Everyone is busy

With 50 members there is a finite number of hours that can be used

So no matter what we do we should get the biggest bang for our buck

One metric to measure this might be the revenue earned per member volunteer hours per project.

Example:, Chart Bingo vs RRTR

Not debating about whats right or wrong here, but just looking at the math.

I am proposing focusing on 3 project per year., Doing them well

Club Organizational Structure

Current structure doesn't make sense.

PR doesn't make sense by itself

Special Projects Don't make sense by themselves, Loss of focus, How do they connect, who do we support

There is no fund raising Chair

Long term partnerships and funding

Currently we spread money a mile wide and an inch deep

To be effective we need to foucs, inch wide by mile deep

This means fewer project

This means working with the same NFP year in and year out.

That way we can depend and help each other.

Fellowship - FUN!

Golf Tournament

Christmas Breakfast

Pot Luck Dinner

Presidents Ball

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner