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Leadership by Mind Map: Leadership

1. To lead a group of people or an organization

1.1. Always strive to improve by sharing ideas with others

1.1.1. Collaborate with others often to gain new materials and ideas

1.1.2. Provide many opportunities for professional development/learning

1.2. Leaders coach the development of others

1.3. Always learning and coach others to learn quickly

1.4. Be listening to all parties feedback: administration, parents, teachers, EAs, support staff

1.5. Be a part of a team, always learning and switching roles when necessary

1.5.1. Create environment where people want to be responsible

1.5.2. Transfer ownership to other people

1.6. IPRCs

1.6.1. Meant to involve staff that work with the student and parents of that student

1.6.2. Meets at least once a year

1.6.3. Determines an identification and placement

1.6.4. Discusses student strengths, needs, assessment results, observations

2. Leadership within the classroom

2.1. What is easy is not always right!

2.1.1. Be flexible for students - you may have to change your lessons to modify/accommodate for students

2.2. Ensure that parents are always kept in the loop with communication regarding their child

2.3. Be able to Differentiate Learning/Universal Design for All

2.3.1. Plan with the end in mind Provide rich and relevant performance tasks, student choice, ways to incorporate technologies

2.3.2. Plan with the student's in mind at all times, including their IEP requirements

2.3.3. Continuously reflect on your own practice to improve student understanding

2.4. Complete student profiles in order gather data for creating an IEP or to understand student strengths and needs

3. Leadership within the School Community

3.1. Be aware of myths/stereotypes that surround students with special needs and work to dispel them

3.2. Ensure that special needs students are regularly interacting with other students and members of staff in a respectful and meaningful way

3.2.1. Prepare transition plans for students to succeed outside of school and keep communication with relevant agencies

3.2.2. Organize community events for parents, students, staff and community can interact with each other

3.3. Be prepared for all school meetings with detailed, relevant information and notes

3.3.1. Keep a positive and open mind during meetings and communication with other parties

3.4. Be aware of the various special equipment that students use and have knowledge of how students use it and how to troubleshoot

4. Displaying Leadership with Students

4.1. Individual Education Plans

4.1.1. All students require transition plans if they have an IEP, but they have different transition needs Timelines, persons responsible, tasks

4.1.2. Understand Alternative Programming - not measured by curriculum but what the student needs in regards to knowledge and skills

4.2. Create a classroom with a caring and inclusive environment

4.2.1. Ensure classrooms are positive, collaborative and respectful places of learning

4.2.2. Have a basic understanding of mental health and be prepared to educate yourself regarding mental illness

4.3. Be able to speak to students regarding how they can advocate for themselves in social situations