Mobile Apps for the iPad

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Mobile Apps for the iPad by Mind Map: Mobile Apps for the iPad

1. Math

1.1. Fraction Mash

1.1.1. This app uses photography and art to make learning about fractions more interesting. Students have to figure out the right fraction to fit the picture together.

1.2. Kahoot!

1.2.1. This app has a library of games that students can get on their phones to have fun while learning. You can play alone or with other players.

1.3. Wolfram Alpha

1.3.1. This is used for all age groups, and has every type of math available. You can do homework, work problems, and find answers with this app.

2. Reading

2.1. Story Patch

2.1.1. In this app students have to read stories and then answer questions about the story to gain puzzle pieces and complete the story on move on.

2.2. Epic!

2.2.1. This is a digital library for students with over 25,000 e-books, audio books, videos, and quizzes

2.3. Reading Comprehension Prep

2.3.1. Students read a book and then test themselves for what they read with app with appropriate content at each grade level

3. Writing

3.1. Story Builder

3.1.1. Used to help improve paragraph formation, integrate ideas, and learn how to use inference skills by reading stories

3.2. Storyist

3.2.1. This is an app that allows you to create, review, and revise your writing

3.3. Verse

3.3.1. You can write poems, haikus, song lyrics and more with this app

4. Spelling

4.1. Spell Till You Drop

4.1.1. It is a game for students where they have to spell words correctly that are read to them. Each time they do they get across a bridge and if they get it wrong then part of the bridge falls apart.

4.2. Word Connect

4.2.1. This allows students to play a game where they build words to get coins and unlock different levels

4.3. A+ Spelling Test

4.3.1. This app allows students to create their own spelling tests and track their progress