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I want to know more about Marketing my business. by Mind Map: I want to know more about
Marketing my business.
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I want to know more about Marketing my business.

Going Live

Some domain name registrants (like GoDaddy, for instance) will bundle hosting in with the domain name registration.Different companies offer different options, so shop well.

Create Marketing Materials

Use Photo Editing Software



Create Brochures

Manage Graphics Formats

Create/Maintain a Website

Securing a domain name

A domain name usually appears in the search bar at the top of a browser. The actual name is the part that comes after "http://www.", What you are doing here is purchasing an address. This address is where your potential customers will be able to find you. However, an address alone is not enough. You still need a company to store your website's information. This is called hosting, and it is the next step in the process., Helpful article on how to secure a domain name:,

Getting hosting

Hosting is a service provided by a company which offers a physical location for the storage of web pages and files., If domain names are addresses, then hosting refers to the actual "house" that stores all the valuable pages and files of your website.

Link to some helpful reviews of popular hosting companies:,

Website design

Now that you have a domain name and a host, you'll need ato think about how to go about designing the pages and functions of your website., Some hosting companies offer website builders as part of their service. These are generally very user friendly.

Website Maintenance

Use Social Networking Effectively

Design an Email Marketing Campaign

Create Presentations

Utilize Google Adwords

Interact in an Online Marketplace

Create Webinars

Use Google Analytics

Utilize Google Maps

Use QR Codes