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Useful Sites by Mind Map: Useful Sites
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Useful Sites

Help Me Rick

We provide computer information that you can not only use, but understand.


Occasionally, reviews of software for particular applications (e.g. videoconferencing)

Small Biz Survival

Bringing promising technologies to the regular everyday small business people of the rural world.

HBS Startup Tribe

The goal of the Startup Tribe Movement is to increase the number of successful startups launched from Harvard Business School. Has a useful list of tools that may be used for various startup functions.

Social Source Commons

Social Source Commons is a place to share lists of software tools that you already use, gain knowledge and support, and discover new tools. It’s a place to meet people with similar needs and interests and answer the question: what tools do they use? Basically, it's a nice set of tools that nonprofits are currently using.

Helping nonprofits make smart software decisions

Tech Atlas

Has some nice evaluation tools for assessing capabilities of a microenterprise.


The world's collaborative how-to manual.

HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs

Teaches entrepreneurs about technology through the use of games (e.g. Blossom is a scenario based on a flower shop.)

Teach parents tech

A Google site that offers short videos on how to accomplish common tasks.

on-line tech tips

online tech tips from a computer guy

Tech Tutor

Very product-specific videos. How to use this tool to do this.


the technology place for nonprofits


Mashable is the top source for news in social and digital media, technology and web culture


The website helps organizations realize the benefits of using technology to achieve their goals. It is a comprehensive source of independent information and help.


How to videos done in plain English. Their business is explaining complex concepts to people in ways that are easily understandable, and throughout this site, we've linked to some of their videos. Check them out!