Me Right Now

A portfolio of sorts about me, Manuela Hutter

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Me Right Now by Mind Map: Me Right Now

1. Creativity !!

1.1. Having fun

1.1.1. ... like data visualizations ...

1.1.2. ... or creating logical gates with pipes ...

1.1.3. ... a song about (and made up of) Pi ...

1.1.4. ... or resurrecting a bonsai tree with crochet leaves ...

1.1.5. ... or baking a Rubik's Cube cake.

2. 7+1 Labels

2.1. Developer

2.1.1. UI Developer (C++) at Opera Software Loved the job. Got to do lots of cool stuff, in a company that felt creative, and somewhat activist-mindset-y. Thinks I did included ... Developed UI for the Desktop browser (C++) – my main job Created UI designs for new features Ran Usability tests (external and internal) Helped switch the company to Git (so fun to be a Git Wizard!) Helped set up the development/build systems when switching to Chromium engine

2.1.2. Drupal Developer & Social Media Expert at Verein gegen Tierfabriken Creating Drupal website Creating scripts to extract data for press releases Creating scripts for newsletter creation Automating parts of social media activities

2.1.3. Intern at Sun Microsystems Part of a small team creating a portal website for the Austrian Mobilkom ( using Java Enterprise System

2.2. Montessori Teacher

2.2.1. Teaching 3-6 year olds (in English)

2.2.2. Teaching 6-9 (12) year olds I love teaching, and helping kids grow up in better ways. Being in a small room with 25 kids for 7h straight is not my strong suit ... Still a fan of the Montessori approach. And gosh, the math materials! I can talk about Montessori math for hours. Just look at the materialized binomial formula!

2.3. (Food) Habits Coach

2.3.1. Certified Professional Never Binge Again Coach System created by American Psychologist (wrote a popular book about it) I'm trained by the author & other experts to teach the method. I'm working on the German translation of the book. Already working with people - super successful method, rewarding work!

2.4. NVC Trainer

2.4.1. (Soon-to-be) Non-Violent Communication trainer with the Austrian network, thinking about getting CNVC trained

2.4.2. because we all need the same stuff, we just have different strategies to fulfill them

2.5. Singer/Songwriter

2.5.1. I love making up songs in the moment! Being playful with music, connecting through song.

2.6. Meditation/Mindfulness Geek

2.6.1. Helping to organize retreats in nature

2.6.2. Sharing morning meditations via Zoom

2.6.3. Otherwise, just busy doing nothing on a regular basis

2.6.4. Temporary tattoos with permanent marker

2.7. Mountain Runner

2.7.1. Nature and movement – the perfect combination! It makes me happy, grounded, peaceful.

2.8. Animal/Health Advocate

2.8.1. Vegan since I was 19, advocating for making more ethical choices.

2.8.2. Animal activist (currently just as a positive role model)

2.8.3. Like to eat whole foods plant-based (and being scientific about what's healthy)

3. Building bridges!

3.1. combining knowledge from different areas & creating new stuff

3.2. bringing people from different backgrounds together --> connection & new possibilities

4. My CV is here.

5. Brushing up tech skills (in order of priority)

5.1. Artificial Intelligence (

5.2. JavaScript (the weird parts)

5.3. React/Redux

5.4. Data Visualization and D3

5.5. React native

5.6. Game Dev, Unity

6. Being the change I want to see in the world