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RCCC Exec 20110808 by Mind Map: RCCC Exec 20110808
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RCCC Exec 20110808


15 Minutes

Where did you grow up?

How many siblings do you have?

What's one challenge you had growing up?

Explanation of new meeting format

5 Minutes

Focus will be on strategy and implementation

Very little time spent on Committees.

Attention will be given to actions not minutes

Approval of June 23 minutes

1 Minutes

Strategic Plan

50 Minutes

In 5 years what does success look like?

What did we do to get there?


Committee updates

1.5 Minutes each (18 Minutes)

Next Meeting

Monday, September 12, 2011

1110 11 Street SW

Resource Material


Philip Uglow Suggested 2011 Goals

RCCC Exec Mtg Agenda 20110808 Mind Map

MPR Task Force Survey

2010/05/08 RCCC Strategic Plan Framework

RCCC Fundraising per Member Hour