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Social Marketing by Mind Map: Social Marketing

1. 3. Managing your Social Media

1.1. Do not

1.1.1. Self Promote only 20% of the time

1.1.2. Diss Competitors

1.1.3. Copy Content

1.2. Real company stuff

1.3. Post relevant articles

1.4. Videos, visual content and stories: get more engagement than just text.

1.5. Links from hompage, Sinatures and everywhere

1.6. Consider Timing

1.7. Monitor real-time questions, articles about you, etc.

1.8. Blog

1.8.1. Your Site Keywords in your content Where do you stick those keywords? New Ideas Involve others and get involved Give Incentives

2. 1. Social Basics

2.1. Startups Cant market to everyone

2.2. Specific Market

2.3. Why Social?

2.3.1. The Specific Medias for your startup

2.4. Learn from competitors yet don't copy everything

3. 4. Tools

3.1. Automate the timing of posts

3.1.1. Buffer (easy and free)

3.1.2. HootSuite

3.2. Website Creators

3.2.1. Tools for your site Copyscape Apester / Playbuzz Infographics for free Unsplash FollowerWonk SEO Optimzing OptinMonster

3.2.2. Site Analyzers Each media gives an ability to monitor. Open site explorer Hubspot;s Marketig Grader

3.3. Ways to get to know your keywords

3.3.1. Google's Keyword Planner

3.3.2. Freely

3.3.3. Buzzsomo

3.3.4. Google Analytics Google Trends

3.3.5. Co-Headline Analyzer

3.3.6. UberSuggest

3.4. Competitive Tools

3.4.1. SimilarWEb

3.4.2. Fanpage Karma

3.5. Paid Ads

3.5.1. Remarketing

3.6. MailChimp - Email Marketing

3.7. Once you have traffic on your site

3.7.1. HotJar

3.7.2. A/B testing

3.7.3. Hubspot

4. 2. Steps to begin with

4.1. Prevent Negative SEO

4.1.1. Create a lot of accounts for you startup (SEO queries) with one click

4.2. Follow followers of pages followed by target audiance

4.3. Encourage people to review you

4.4. Start with stealth mode

5. 5. Searching Skills