Chapters 4,7,8, 9

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Chapters 4,7,8, 9 by Mind Map: Chapters 4,7,8, 9

1. Phrases

1.1. Noun Phrase

1.1.1. The boy at the back likes to tease me.

1.2. Verb Phrase

1.2.1. He is eating an apple.

1.3. Prepositional Phrase

1.3.1. Under the warm blanket

1.4. Adjective Phrase

1.4.1. He is wearing a nice blue shirt

1.5. Adverb Phrase

1.5.1. He always treats in a good manner.

1.6. A boy on the road is singing a song.

2. Clauses

2.1. Features of predication, functions of clauses and simple, complex and compund.

2.1.1. Types of Clauses - Relative Clause - Dependent Clause - Independent Clause - Main Clause - Subordinate Clause - Complement Clause - Full Clause

2.1.2. Features - Not be a phrase. - Clause and phrase: exclusive categories. - Non-headedness.

2.1.3. Predictation

3. Fused construction

3.1. A middle word can control bouth words at its sides.

3.1.1. The constituency of the unit has been taken for granted. It has introduced many of the problems which surround the notion of "reduced clause". I got wet walking across the park we took as given that there is a syntagm walking across the park.

3.1.2. The construction can be turned into he passive hardly better. That firewood is not wanted, or some of the firewood is wanted by the woman next door.

3.1.3. An infinite object can be compared with other objects. To keep warm = I want to keep warm

3.1.4. This is the explanation about why people cannot say TO visit him I do want, since to visit and him are two constituents and not one. subject: they predicator: painted object: it object complement: black They painted it black

4. Coordination

4.1. Recursion which is a syntagm class

4.1.1. syntagm formation coordinates coordinative syntagm a conjunctionn which joins the elements for the coordinative syntagm is a coordinator each grammar stablish a set of coordinative constructions

4.2. syntagm which contains noun clause and prepositional phrase

4.3. complement

4.3.1. A larger prepositional phrase

4.4. coordination between what?

4.4.1. within the framework of phrase structure

4.5. contraction

4.5.1. anticipatory

4.5.2. retrospective

4.6. coordination

4.6.1. referred by the term syllepsis in which the semantic roles are acted by denoting participants