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Wada & Worldremit by Mind Map: Wada & Worldremit

1. Campaigns

1.1. UK

1.1.1. Somaliland London Football refugees- finding a home in football Women in business Black history month influencers/ paid posts Poem messages about home - Long Lost Family: Long Lost Family: What Happened Next | Siblings Reunited After 40 Years | ITV Birmingham

1.1.2. Ethiopian Women in business Football refugees - finding a home in football influencers/ paid posts

1.1.3. Sudan influencers/ paid posts


1.2.1. Brainstormed some ideas such as 1) Sport documentary 2) Next future star player competition 3) Local vs gorba joog game 4) showcase some SFA academy games

1.2.2. Wada Network expanding into Somaliland “bridging the creativity” via wallet

1.2.3. Poem messages about home

1.2.4. Equipping Medical Interns in Somaliland

2. Events

2.1. UK

2.1.1. Book ClubEvery 2 months

2.1.2. East Africans Film Festival

2.2. Sweden/ Denmark/Netherlands/Norway