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PHY 112 by Mind Map: PHY 112
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PHY 112

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

DC and AC Circuits

Week 2: started looking at series and parallel circuits

Week 3: Measured current and resistance of various circuits in class

camera circuit

Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Matter

Tested what materials magnets stick to. Not titanium

Entire coil gun project

research Ohm's Law as it relates to coils

Created electomagnet out of a nail

Fields and Forces

Looked at fields of electricity and magnetism via PhET website.

Earth magnets are fun!

Principles used in coil gun

Demonstrated magnetic fields developed by an electromagnet

Explained circuits and components

Elements of Modern Physics

Nothing is true, everything is permitted

Researched how rockets work

Working on getting info from Orbital

Worked with Orbital

Effectively communicate qualitative and quantitative information orally and in writing.

Did tech pub on project 1

Created video for project 1

Powerpoint for project 2

Developed Study guide

Explain the application of fundamental physical principles to various physical phenomena.

Made first neat video on static electricity moving water.

messed around with PhET light sims

Drew ray diagrams in class

Find out how to explain various topics to 8th graders.

Did paragraphs for various topics- and how they worked

Apply appropriate problem-solving techniques to practical and meaningful problems using graphical, mathematical, and written modeling tools.

Had to increase effectiveness of coil gun v.1

Ran calculations on the performance of coil gun

Drew up dozens of ray diagrams

Work effectively in collaborative groups.

Worked with CASTLE kit with partner

Acted as editor for project 1

Formed group of P2

Found lead for P3, emailed group

Outlined project 3

Working on p3

Project 3 video submition

Attempted to manage group

New node

Misc Notes

Argue various sides of scientifically controversial topics using appropriate scientific argumentation techniques.

Week 2 DB post challenged us to look at controversial topics using a 4D model of existence

Posted 2 sides of 2 topics for debates

posted comments on debates

Communicate technical information using various media and Web 2.0 applications.

Week 2: Did first neat video post

Did video on project 1

Used Move Maker to create group video

Created NV 2

Final neat video- disappearing penny

P3 Video development

EOS movie

Be an active prosumer of education for yourself and your children.

Think Deeply DB Discussions

Watched Digital Nation

Researched topics for debate and posted

Viewed debate topics in preparation for commenting

learned about string theory

Light and Radiation

The source of all electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is accelerating charge

Experimented with reflection and refraction

Calculated the angle of total internal reflection

experimented with polarization and dispersion

explained EMR, light, etc.