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#HackCorona by Mind Map: #HackCorona

1. These people may come together to solve another problem in future that maybe climate, water, pollution or plastic

2. Get us access to contacts of people like doctors, media houses and others for data and actual scenario and can help us launching our solutions

3. A poster pitching people to join us

4. Flow of New People

4.1. Pre-decided Problem

4.1.1. Problems As a new person come he can read the detailed problem statement and progress till now on the problem by us Join as a solver Join as a mentor Comment section, so that he may suggest things or discuss there, can add fb comment plugin to save time

4.1.2. Propose a problem mail us at [email protected] with analysis why it should be solved and how it will help if solved Discuss within team if we should add this as a problem statement

5. Companies

5.1. Money

5.2. Expertise/Mentors

5.3. May provide services to build solution for free

6. Website

6.1. Main Page:

6.1.1. Problem Statements and their some details

6.1.2. Propose a problem statement: Mail us at [email protected]

6.1.3. Terms and conditions Join as a Solver Defining solver here

6.1.4. Companies and NGO's logo who are on board and are supporting us

6.1.5. Terms and conditions

6.1.6. Join as a Mentor Defining mentor here

6.2. Problem 1

6.2.1. Detailed Problem Statement Number of people in the group solving it

6.2.2. Solutions/Insights over it

6.2.3. Each day progress on it

6.2.4. Join as a mentor/expert

6.3. Join as a Solver

7. FB Closed groups for different problems

7.1. Problem 1

7.2. Problem 2

8. Common group on fb: RanchoLabs community group

8.1. A single group to connect like minded people together.