Data Stategy meeting

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Data Stategy meeting by Mind Map: Data Stategy meeting

1. Agenda

1.1. Understand a real data strat look like

1.1.1. particularly in terms of the tech components

1.1.2. our positioning WHY choose us?!

1.2. high level content for data sheet

1.2.1. overview

1.2.2. Audience

1.2.3. agenda

1.2.4. outcomes

1.2.5. cost

1.3. next steps - marketing

1.3.1. publishing data sheet MSFT portal

1.3.2. blogging

2. meeting whiteboard

2.1. Target persona - Google Sales Exec

2.2. CxO workshop

3. Google Sales Exec

3.1. WANTS

3.1.1. Sell GCP


3.2.1. Head of Tech have long standing exposure to AWS Far down the customer journey Hard to switch attention to other contenders


3.3.1. Don't (or didn't until recently) 'get' Enterprise


3.4.1. AWS Market leader Has been messaging in this space longer than anyone

3.4.2. MSFT Azure Deep relationships and history with enterprise 'Gets' the enterprise

3.5. Background

3.5.1. Google Enterprise has recently had a $30-40Bn investmern Huge sales drive New hires looking / needing to prove themselves

3.5.2. Role Typically targeting head of tech functions examples

4. Workshop concepts

4.1. Headline

4.1.1. How can (are?) you use DATA to realise your BUSINESS OBJECTIVES - QUICKLY?(!)

4.2. Approach

4.2.1. Diagnostic framing Delta between strategy and existing data capabilities Benchmarks Industry Technology Costed roadmap to optimum usage of data to achieve business strategy Data strategy!

4.3. Points to consider

4.3.1. Why us?

4.4. Understand business objectives

4.5. Marketing initiatives

4.5.1. Propose joint customer research with GCP Create marketing content Jointly marketed

4.6. Other points

4.6.1. "Show you what good looks like"

4.6.2. Case studes How has effective usage of data moved PEERS forward Market share Share price Agility

4.7. Output

4.7.1. Structured evaluation with specific, actionable recommendations

4.8. Other suggested target partners

4.8.1. Strat houses