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Transformer by Mind Map: Transformer

1. Introduction

1.1. A transformer is a device which is used for transferring current from one circuit to another.

1.2. During the transformation process, characteristics of the AC signal changes.

1.3. The working of the transformer is based on the magnetic field build around the conductor when current flows through it.

1.4. Transformers are made up of two coils of wire wrapped around a core.

2. Types of Transformer

2.1. Power Transformers

2.2. Current Transformers

2.3. Instrument Transformers

2.4. Pulse Transformers

2.5. Switching Transformers

2.6. Flyback Transformers

2.7. Step-up Transformers

2.8. Step-down Transformers

2.9. High Voltage Transformers

3. Working of transformer ratios

3.1. Turns ratio = Ns / Np

3.2. Voltage Ratio: Ep / Es = Np / Ns

3.3. Current ratio: Ip / Is = Ns / Np

3.4. Impedance ratio: Np / Ns = Sqrt (Zp / Zs)