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NetSavingsLink by Mind Map: NetSavingsLink
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Promotional Campaigns

Test Promotions

Radio, Affiliate Link Comm. 7549, Listeners Go Here!, Demo Message

TeleMarketing, Call Centers, Affiliate Link, 1. Demo Message, 2. Demo Message 2, Premier Customer Service Center

Rudy Maxa, Create Travel Savings, Message, Link for Listeners, Sign Up As Affiliate, Integrate In Radio Show, Resell To Syndicated Solutions

Online Expo

Exhibitor Registration

Online Business Opportunities Expo

Create Incentives Expo

Vertical Market LeadNetPro Campaigns

Banks, Affiliate Link,

Travel Clubs, Affiliate Link,

Membership Club Sales, Affiliate Link,

Credit Repair, Affiliate Link,

Seminars, Affiliate Link,

LinkedIn Key Prospect Recruiting

High-Potential Affiliates, TV, Affiliate Link,, Newspapers, Affiliate Link,, Major Websites, Affiliate Link,, Magazines, Affiliate Link,, Unions, Affiliate Link,

Marketing Tools


Push Button eMail Marketing


Virtual Training

Call Center Automation

Mobile Marketing

Online Expos

Participate As Exhibitor, Bank Expo, Job Fair

Run Your Own Expo