Chapters 1-3 of Visible Learning for Teachers Overview

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Chapters 1-3 of Visible Learning for Teachers Overview by Mind Map: Chapters 1-3 of Visible Learning for Teachers Overview

1. Chapter 1

1.1. Visible Learning

1.1.1. Visible: making student learning visible to teachers, ensuring clear identification of the attributes that make a visible difference to student learning

1.1.2. Learning: how we go about knowing and understanding and then doing something about student learning.

1.2. Effect Size

1.2.1. Compares results on different measures, or over time, or between groups, on a scale that allows multiple comparisons independent of the original test scoring

2. Chapter 2

2.1. The Source of the Ideas and the Role of Teachers

2.1.1. Explanation of the evidence

2.2. Visible teaching and learning occur when...

2.2.1. learning is the explicit goal

2.2.2. The teacher and students both seek to ascertain whether and to what degree the challenging goal is attained

2.3. Teachers need to have a mind frame in which they see it as their role to evaluate their effect on learning

3. Chapter 3

3.1. Teachers: the major players in the educational process

3.1.1. Teacher beliefs and commitments are the greatest influence on students achievement over which we can have some control

3.2. Expert Teachers...

3.2.1. can identify the most important ways in which to represent the subject that they teach

3.2.2. are proficient at creating an optimal classroom climate for learning

3.2.3. monitor learning and provide feedback

3.2.4. believe that all students can reach the success criteria

3.2.5. influence surface and deep student outcomes

3.3. Professional

3.3.1. aims to help to identify the goal posts of excellence

3.3.2. aims to encourage collaboration with all in the profession to drive the profession upwards

3.3.3. aims to esteem those who show the competence