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Drug targets by Mind Map: Drug targets

1. Major Drug Targets

1.1. Ion Channels

1.1.1. channel blockade

1.1.2. activation of channel

1.2. Classical receptors

1.2.1. Major receptor strucuctures Type 1: ligand gated ion channels Ionotropic receptor activation pentameric complex of subunits Type 2 G protein coupled receptors 7 transmembrane domaines ligands include Ach, 5-HT, dopamine, opioids and others 3 GPCR subfamilies G Protein activation Desensitization Type 3 Kinase linked receptors one transmembrane domain, form dimer pairs signaling initiated by ligand binding followed by dimerization of the receptor kinase linked and related receptors Type 4 nuclear receptors No transmembrane domain ligands include many hormones and vitamins effectors are mostly post transcriptional products of gene activation Nuclear receptor subfamilies

1.3. Enzymes

1.4. Transporters

1.5. Nucleic acids

1.5.1. targets DNA and RNA metabolism, (inhibits regulatory proteins, direct interaction) Intercalating agents alkylating agents Strand breaking agents bleomycin

1.5.2. RNA specific antisense siRNA