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1. 1)Teach Textbook Aids

1.1. Teach students how to use the textbook effectively

1.2. Awareness

1.2.1. Index Where to find all of the page numbers to the words you need to find info to

1.2.2. Glossary Definitions

1.2.3. Translators Translate words into English for ELL's

1.2.4. Organization

1.2.5. Table of contents

2. Graphic Organizers

3. applications based on the content

3.1. activity based on material

4. 2)Teach Reading in Reverse

5. 3)Read Text in Small Segments & Highlight Main Ideas

6. 4)Reinforce Learned Reading Strategies

6.1. Preview material before lesson

6.1.1. Reread headings/subheadings and make general statements on content

6.1.2. Focus on bolded phrases or bulleted lists

6.2. Making Connections as you read

6.2.1. Anticipate/predict what is about to come

6.2.2. Relate material to yourself

6.2.3. Ask yourself questions to clarify uncertainty

7. 5) Use Oral Reading Effectively

8. 6)Teach How to Take Notes

8.1. T-Notes

8.2. Highlight key words in text

9. 7)Teach How to Condense Text for Notes

9.1. Abbreviations

9.2. Paraphrase

9.3. key words

9.4. T-Notes/graphic organizers

9.5. Condensing

10. 8)Focus on Simple Language & Graphics

10.1. I'm a new bubble!

10.2. Hello this is Will Munro lol ;)

10.3. Add simple synonyms for technical language

10.4. Matt Daemon!

11. 9)Pair ELL Beginners With Volunteer Buddies

12. 10) Use Alternative Books and Other Media

12.1. Graphic novels

12.2. Magazines

12.3. Movies? Videos? Compare with text?

12.4. Short stories

12.5. Short Films

12.6. YouTube

12.7. MySpace

12.8. Periscope