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Canada by Mind Map: Canada

1. Atlantic Region

1.1. Provinces

1.2. Labrador

1.3. Newfoundland

1.4. Prince Edward Island

1.5. Nova Scotia

1.6. New Brunswick

1.7. First spot europeans settled

1.8. Everyone moved away because it was overfished because of the government

1.9. main language is English, little french

1.10. Cold, Humid

1.11. lighthouses, 275 in operation

1.12. Lumber, oil, minerals, produce services, restaurants

2. Prairie Region

2.1. Provinces

2.2. Manitoba

2.3. Saskatchewan

2.4. Alberta

2.5. Oil and gases, farming, Alberta fast grow

2.6. English is the main language, some french and german and ukraine

2.7. semi-arid, dryish, It is sub-arctic, Polar Bear

2.8. Farms, Silos, spring plants

2.9. Oil, Gas, Mining, Coal

3. Core Region

3.1. Ontario and Quebec

3.2. People came to work in factories

3.3. Jobs at banks and other companies, big cities

3.4. ontario = English

3.5. quebec = French

3.6. Other language are: chinese, italian, portuguese

3.7. Humid, summer in the 60's, ice skating and figure skating

3.8. Cities and state buildings,gothic style

3.9. Hydroelectric power, comes from flowing rivers

4. Pacific Region

4.1. British Columbia

4.2. On Canada's Pacific coast

4.3. English is the first language

4.4. Vancouver, Victoria cities, runs through the Rocky Mountains

4.5. Asians came from the Pacific Region

4.6. Chinese

4.7. Marine coast climate, warmest part of Canada, Winter surfing

4.8. Castles, strong british influences

4.9. Forestry, fishing, metals, coal shipping, hydroelectric power

5. Northern Region

5.1. Territories

5.2. Yukon Territory

5.3. Northwest Territories

5.4. Nunavut

5.5. Largest land mass, long cold winters, 3 territories, so far away

5.6. Tundra, very few plants, 57 degrees in July, need a ATV or a dog, 1,000 miles in 2 weeks

5.7. 2/3 of the people speak english. Govt.

5.8. Igloo does mean house

5.9. Nomadic, government jobs, churches