Software Department November 2018

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Software Department November 2018 by Mind Map: Software Department November 2018

1. SW Department Changes - Decoupling

1.1. Stream 1

1.1.1. Robert Amos: Product Owner

1.2. Stream 2

1.2.1. David England: Product Owner

1.3. Stream 3

1.3.1. JP: Product Owner

2. Recruitment

2.1. Ome Peddi

2.1.1. 4th December

2.2. Ben Culbert

2.2.1. Student

2.3. Remembering Fady

3. 821 Software Architecture

3.1. Need to avoid the ivory tower architecture. Need to keep it real.

3.1.1. Vasa

3.2. Two streams

3.2.1. Where to focus our energies (cannot do it all) Instruments and hardware capabilities Ensuring that it can be scaled and applied in a wider context

3.2.2. Value Stream – sea trials stay on the ground (Vasa – system qualities)

3.2.3. KPI Lenses, make progress visible

4. Value Streams

4.1. Fully Functional ITL Instrument Testing

4.1.1. Integrating ITL engineering interface capabilities into R&D GUI

4.1.2. Explore better software model for instruments

4.2. aQBox v5 thermal calibration

4.2.1. Calibration moved into SW control

4.2.2. Pluggable calibration strategy

5. Sea Trials

6. Internal WebApp Infrastructure

6.1. Customer Portal

6.1.1. Routine Builder Service

6.1.2. Log Decryption Service

6.1.3. Software Release Download - in progress

7. ONT Support

7.1. Graphical Scripter

7.1.1. Graphical scripter version 1.86.0 is available now on the server in the usual place

7.2. Compatibility discussions with the Scripting Team

7.3. Tests for obfuscation of python routines

7.4. Logging V3

7.5. Project 190 (Membrane Sequencing) support

7.5.1. Software release is now available on the server as \\SLS\Data\Technology\Instrument\Software\Release Candidates\SW-RD-ONT\2.8.2 Please ask for a dongle if you want to test it

8. Supporting Internal Users

8.1. Python Debugging

8.2. 160 (Single cells) Hamamatsu camera

8.3. 520 (aQbox) Calibrated temperature data for aQbox testing

8.4. Larger popup for parameter requests in R&D GUI

8.5. Testing new csproj style Cross-platform

9. Enterprise Architecture

9.1. Requirements Tool – Modern Requirements (JP)

9.2. Issue Management (SW and Others) – next focus

9.3. Software Tooling Update – Internal web infrastructure for now on prem – sprint tool to migrate

10. Software System Test Lab (AT)

10.1. Operations Validation

10.1.1. Checking operations are meeting requirements Despense Volumes

10.1.2. 100K Operations proved: droplets are inside tolerance.

11. Software Quality

11.1. SDLC SOP and 62304 Gap Analysis (first pass) (UK)

11.2. SDLC SOP in review (JP)

12. DevOps Update

12.1. On-Premises Server hosting our Virtual Machines

12.2. Automation of build, test and release of RoutineBuilder & RoutineBuilderBootstrapper