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Creating Excellence With a Tiny Budget by Mind Map: Creating Excellence With a Tiny Budget
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Creating Excellence With a Tiny Budget

Do the very best you can with what you have. A lack of resources is merely an opportunity to be extra creative.


Financing a Church Plant

Faithraising In a New Church

Faith and efficiency



Checks and balances


We do things with excellence for God's glory

We refuse to make an idol of excellence

We refuse to allow the pursuit of excellence hold us back.

We will learn from models, valuing effectiveness over originality.

We will be a model, sharing our excellence with others.


Worship Experiences



SermonCentral Pro


Seek passionate people.

Ask for volunteers.

Develop disciples and hire the best.

Web Presence

Domain, hosting, Wordpress, themes

Google Apps

Webs, Wix, Tumblr

Social, Facebook Marketing, Mailchimp


WAIT to lease

WAIT to buy land

WAIT to build

Maximize spaces

Think neat and clean, not fancy

Publicity & Marketing

Learn basic design

Consider crowdsourcing,,

Use social media

Serve! Better than mass marketing

Free web tools & directories

Connect with local leaders

Connect with local media

Offer press releases


Be a hacker

Think bigger

Value volunteers

Know your culture

Ask outsiders