Climate Finance WG

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Climate Finance WG by Mind Map: Climate Finance WG

1. Recap: Workshop

1.1. Presentation is too long

1.2. Working group is fruitful

1.2.1. GIZ core expertise is facilitation

1.3. Room is too loud

1.4. Presentation should be shared with partner beforehand

1.5. Sectoral plan should be shared with the consultant before the workshop

1.6. Refer to other feedbacks from Kh. Ple's list

2. Report

2.1. Waste component

2.1.1. Already shared with partner

2.2. The consultant shall revise based on GIZ's feedbacks

3. Next steps

3.1. Preparation meeting with Component

3.1.1. Feb 2019

4. 2019 Plan

4.1. Waste & Wastewater

4.1.1. Conduct study Financial mechanism to promote on-site wastewater treatment 80% of wastewater are not sent to water treatment facility (e.g. community waste mng)

4.2. GCF

4.2.1. Demand side of financing

4.2.2. Assessing barrier GCF

4.3. Agriculture

4.3.1. Thai Rice NAMA Grant agreement Financing WG on revolving fund

4.3.2. TGCP-Agriculture N/A


4.4.1. Financial Mech. for EE EE Financing & Gap What to be done on Domestic financing Need of external fund to set up the facility SME / ESCO can't access to finance

4.4.2. New financial mech. for ESCO Guarantee mech. Example: Malaysia (Guarantee facility) TCG: Financing any business Event: 25 Jan 2019 May overlap with some trip to Korea of high-level officers

4.5. Transport

4.5.1. Stocktaking (Jan 2019)

5. Others

5.1. Meeting with MoF (Büro of Budget)

5.1.1. NESDB Indicators for 20-yrs national strategies Multi-sectoral

5.1.2. Endorsement of new Act Climate finance criteria How to integrate climate change into this act

5.1.3. New M&E System Result-based

5.1.4. This is key organization to joint KPI Joint KPI under NESDB ("Integrated Budget")

5.1.5. Marie will share output of the discussion

5.1.6. "Good governance is pre-requisite for Climate Finance" To justify support from TGCP May do some short research on governance

5.2. UNDP Research

5.2.1. Focuses Fiscal Management Office Public Debt

5.2.2. Dr. Prawin

6. Directions

6.1. Types of Climate Finance

6.1.1. Domestic Public

6.1.2. Private

6.1.3. International