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Ecosystem by Mind Map: Ecosystem

1. Types of animals

1.1. Producer

1.1.1. Definition Producers can make food from abiotic things

1.1.2. Examples English walnut Tulip Loganberry

1.2. Consumer

1.2.1. Herbivore Definition An animal that feeds on plants Examples Deer Rabbit Cow

1.2.2. Carnivore Definition A carnivore is an animal that gets energy from killing and eating other animals Examples Polar bears Sharks Dolphins

1.2.3. Omnivore Definition An animal that eats both plants and animals Examples Pig Badger Bear

1.2.4. Detritivores and decomposers Definition Detritivores:an animal that feeds on dead organic material Decomposers:an organism that breaks down the cells of dead plants and animals into simpler substances Examples Fungi Worms Sea Cucumber

2. Interactions

2.1. Biotic-biotic

2.1.1. Competition Definition Occurs when more than one organism tries to obtain the same basic resources in the same habitat

2.1.2. Predation Predator Definition Prey Definition

2.1.3. Mutualism Definition An interaction between individuals of different species that benefits both individuals

2.2. Human-Animal

2.2.1. Negative Habitat loss Definition Farming Definition Mining Definition

2.2.2. Positive Growing plants

3. Energy use

3.1. Within an Organism

3.1.1. Life functions 30%

3.1.2. Gas and waste 60%

3.1.3. Body growth and repair 10%

3.2. Pyramid of numbers

3.2.1. pyramid of numbers

4. Matter cycles

4.1. Clean up

4.1.1. The detrivores and decomposers clean up the earth by getting rid of dead organic materiel.

4.2. cycle

4.2.1. Definition A pattern in nature that repeats over time

4.2.2. Types of cycles Water cycle Carbon cycle The series of processes by which carbon compounds are inter converted in the environment,chiefly involving the incorporation of carbon dioxide into living tissue by photosynthesis and its return to the atmosphere through respiration, the decay of dead organisms, and the burning of fossil fuels

4.3. Closed system

4.3.1. Defenition A system in which the amount of matter remains constant over time