K-12 Technology Integration

Brian Ham - ETEC 500 65C Concept Map

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K-12 Technology Integration by Mind Map: K-12 Technology Integration

1. Students

1.1. Digital Literacy

1.2. Appropriate use in the classroom

1.3. Content creation vs. Consumption

1.4. Ease of collaboration

2. Staff

2.1. Adequate Training/PD (time & money)

2.2. Tools that are easy to use, implement and deploy

2.3. Aim for top of SAMR model (more than just an add-on or "reward" for students)

2.4. Support through Tech Coaching and/or Co-Teaching

3. District Level

3.1. Cost vs Benefit

3.2. Scalability and Deployment

3.3. Evidence and Research-Based purchasing decisions

3.4. Understanding needs of Staff and Students

4. Families/Community

4.1. Access to necessary resources

4.2. Screen time concerns

4.3. Device cost and affordability

5. Beyond the Classroom

5.1. Relevant, 21st century skills and critical thinking

5.2. Preparing students for the global marketplace

5.3. Sharing their learning outside classroom walls

5.4. Tackling challenges in their communities