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Social Media Marketing by Mind Map: Social Media Marketing

1. Decide on launching platform

1.1. Welcome Message

1.2. Web Page Link

2. Contract

2.1. Shooting the Footage

2.1.1. Post Rehab Before & After

2.2. Editing

3. SEO Blog

3.1. blog post

3.1.1. Contract

3.1.2. Identify the post goal

3.1.3. SEO to the company s request

3.1.4. write the post

3.1.5. Send post to Fact check and edit

3.1.6. approval

3.1.7. Send post to owner

4. Instagram

4.1. Instagram Ads

4.2. Post

4.3. Insta Live

5. Facebook

5.1. FaceBook Ads

5.1.1. SMMA Contract

5.1.2. Link our adds manager account

5.1.3. Determine the Add Goal landing page chat bot landing call web form Facebook Page likes

5.1.4. Create Add Copy/Art

5.1.5. Create a specific audiance

5.1.6. Manage the Budget

5.1.7. Monitor the Numbers Kill non preforming adds double down on preforming adds repeat

5.2. ChatBots

5.2.1. Chat Bot Contract

5.2.2. Determian the goal Collect prospects and pre-qualify Informational Updates REI Send new property's to a buyers list Real estate agents send survey/testimonial request

5.2.3. broadcast public service announcements

5.2.4. Connect the Chat Bot software with Clients Facebook page Web form

5.2.5. Chat bot creation Create the conversation Connect automation if necessary update emails and to-dos Test Test Test Launch the bot

5.2.6. After launch fallow up Check for function Fallow on Bots

5.3. Post

5.3.1. Contract

5.3.2. Identify the goal entertainment educational sales

5.3.3. create the script/art

5.3.4. Schedule the Launch

5.3.5. Fallow up

6. You Tube

6.1. Recommended Investor Package

6.1.1. Affiliate Marketing

6.1.2. 3 Video Walk Through Package Initial Purchase pre rehab During rehab educational

6.2. Identify the Goal

6.2.1. How to Videos

6.2.2. Motivational

6.2.3. informational

6.3. Shoot Video Content

6.4. Edit Video Content

6.5. Quality Check

6.6. SEO optimize if necessary

6.7. Launch Video

7. Joint Ventures are available to minimize upfront cost Contact us for details.