Experienced Hires (daily routine)

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Experienced Hires (daily routine) by Mind Map: Experienced Hires (daily routine)

1. Reports

1.1. Ideal Onboarding Process

1.1.1. Accept candidate Submit BI Verify Portal upload

1.2. Start Date Report

1.2.1. Taleo: Hire candidate Contingent Offer? NO ACTION NEEDED Job Offer - Is Tentative = No View Offer terms Verify Job Submission data (Personal Information, Work Experience, Education) Change Step/Status to "Hire - Interface New Hire Data", Comment: DV Complete Update OB Tracker

1.3. eOffer Confirmation

1.3.1. Taleo: Feed candidate to OB Portal Contingent Offer? NO ACTION NEEDED If Teleworker, Short Term Seasonal, or Reduced Schedule, use Schedule type O Verify and Update Start Date Uncheck "Tentative" Verify change in History, should state "(Tentative) to..." candidate's start date

1.4. Extended Report

1.4.1. Taleo: Submit BI to research agency Domestic Transfer? NO ACTION NEEDED Contingent Offer? must be in Extended or Accepted status Verify resume is current Verify Job Submission data is completed (Prescreening, Work Experience, Education) Change Pre-hire Compliance Activities status to "In Progress" Enter Grade and Charge code Update OB Tracker

1.5. Staging Table Report

1.5.1. PeopleSoft: Push candidate to Applicant Applicant record NOT on Staging Table? Review error report / Revert. Not on Portal? Rescind candidate record Perform GPN and UPN searches GPN / UPN exists? Verify record is terminated (is a Rehire) If GPN / UPN record is active, contact recruiting team Use existing GPN / UPN to Rehire / Process Applicant

1.6. Portal Report

1.6.1. OB Portal: Review / Approve Onboarding Form Recruiter Updates 1st Review Key Contacts: Provided by PC two days after 1st Review First Day: Travel Authorization, Date, Start Time, End Time, Location, Project Code Orientation WTEY: Travel Authorization, Day 1, Day 2, Start Time, End Time, Location, Project Code Additional Training: Travel Authorization, Dates, Times and Project Code provided by recruiting. If location missing, enter WTEY location. All Special Instructions: review / add notes regarding situational details.