Autism IM

Autism Interactive Module

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Autism IM by Mind Map: Autism IM

1. Symptoms

1.1. body movements: spinning, running, flapping, etc.

1.2. motions with objects: spinning wheels, shaking sticks, etc.

1.3. social communication

1.3.1. 1/3 autistic people are nonverbal

1.3.2. not much eye contact

1.4. social challenges

1.4.1. feeling overwhelmed in social situations

1.4.2. gauging personal space

1.4.3. recognizing emotions

2. Support

2.1. take time to learn about their interests, hobbies, etc.

2.2. always try to be compassionate and encouraging

2.2.1. offer advice & ask them about their day

2.3. have patience

2.4. be there to listen, you'll probably learn cool, new things you did not know before

3. Multimedia

3.1. Fourth grade boy

3.2. Sesame Street