Articles a / an

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Articles a / an by Mind Map: Articles a / an

1. If the first sound of the word is a vowel then "an" will be used

2. definition:

2.1. The indefinite article "a-an" is not so complex, because its equivalent in Spanish is simply "un, una, unas, unas"

3. Rules to use A

3.1. Use "a" in front of a word that starts with a consonant or "h"with sound

3.2. Examples

3.2.1. Achef

3.2.2. A doctor

3.2.3. a hamburger

3.2.4. a house

4. Rules to use An

4.1. examples

4.1.1. An actor

4.1.2. An hour

4.1.3. An apple

4.1.4. An officer worker