Articles "An" and "a"

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Articles "An" and "a" by Mind Map: Articles "An" and "a"

1. Usage

2. More Examples:

3. Resources:

4. When to use "a" or "an"

4.1. You must use "An" when it's presiding a word that starts with a vowel sound

4.2. You use "a" when the next word doesn't start with a vowel sound

4.3. Examples:

5. What are a/an articles?

5.1. a/an Articles are analogs for "un" and "una" in spanish

5.2. We use a/an just for refferring to a singular noun

6. What is Article?

6.1. An article is a word used before a noun that indicates whether or not the reference is to a specific entity or entities or an unspecific one.