Educating Managers From an Evidence-Based Perspective

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Educating Managers From an Evidence-Based Perspective by Mind Map: Educating Managers From an  Evidence-Based Perspective

1. Focus on Principles where Science is Clear

1.1. Principles of cause/effect

1.1.1. Research

1.2. Diagnose Underlying Factors Related to Decisions

1.2.1. Ask the appropriate questions

1.2.2. Structure and Pose a Managerial Question Eventual solution implementation

1.3. Repeated Practice Opportunities

1.4. Decision Supports

1.4.1. Diagnose the appropriateness of solution

1.5. Goal Acceptance

1.6. Develop Decision Awareness

1.6.1. Reflect upon interactions

1.6.2. Recognize opportunities for problem solving

1.6.3. Effectively apply formal education in the workplace

1.7. Prepare to Access New Evidence

1.7.1. Update knowledge over career

2. Teachings

2.1. Science Based Challenges

2.1.1. Evaluating Evidence Quality

2.1.2. Accessing information

2.1.3. Clear cause/effect relationship

2.2. Teaching Based Challenges

2.2.1. Student attitudes and taste

2.2.2. Faculty preference and expertise

2.2.3. Poorly informed managerial models

2.3. Resistance From Users

2.3.1. No controlled randomized trials

2.3.2. Creates accountability

2.3.3. Requires capacity and willingness

3. Prototype of Evidence-Based Management Community

3.1. End Users

3.1.1. Practitioners

3.1.2. Consultants

3.2. Researchers

3.3. Educator/Teachers

3.4. Design, Organize, Participate

3.5. Acquisition, Storage, Retrieval

4. Conclusion

4.1. Science-based practices improves outcome

4.2. Experience brings value to managers and organizations

4.3. Still slow to implement

4.3.1. Entire generation of EBM practitioners might be needed

4.4. Lively community is formed between all parties