Basic Concepts of morphology IV

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Basic Concepts of morphology IV by Mind Map: Basic Concepts of morphology IV

1. Hierarchical

1.1. They have a correlation between one ord to another.

1.2. Province-country

2. Structure

2.1. Is the systematic procedure of linguistics

3. Morphological tree

3.1. Is the assemble of grammatical elements

4. Derivational morpheme

4.1. It is a word which form another word

4.2. It is composed by a rootl

4.3. Goal

5. Affix

5.1. Is a morpheme which is linked previously, next to or inside a root or stem.

5.2. prefix (previously) E.j. Un-/ Pre-/ Mis-, etc.

5.3. suffix (next to) E.j. -er/ -ed/ -ing, etc.

5.4. Infix: A word added to a root or stem. E.j fusul-enemy.

5.5. Circumfix:: Made by two words in a separated form. E.j. Don´t (Base + pre or suffix)

6. Enclitic

6.1. Words able to get joined to form a simple element.