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1. Constraints

1.1. Limited number of devices

1.2. Connectivity issues (wifi/internet)

1.2.1. The user

1.2.2. Appliances

1.3. Long starting up process

1.3.1. User's Routine

1.3.2. Integrating and coding hardware/additions

1.4. Expensive

1.4.1. Additional hardware

1.4.2. Certain products -> Certain tasks

2. Functional Requirement

2.1. Application

2.1.1. Accessibility Any device with app Anytime, anywhere

2.1.2. User Interface/Experience Learnability Elements and principles of Design

2.2. Data

2.2.1. Confidentials Username and Password Credit/Debit card details Email and Address Invoice history

2.2.2. Products Image Categories Sales and Discounts Sensor types/Brands/Functions Details and Pricing Goods provider/business

2.2.3. User Schedules Reminders/Alarms Settings Colours Available sensors (Owned by the user) Card Details Account Information

2.3. Hardware/Additions

2.3.1. Smart Switches/Powerpoints Electronics, Appliances and Devices Aircon Entertainment/Media Oven/Stove Lights

2.3.2. Sensors (Optional) Security Camera Smart-Lock (Doors) Integration and Coding DIY Option

2.3.3. Visual/Audio Speaker LED's or other light sources

3. Strengths

3.1. Customisable

3.1.1. Clients demands/preferences

3.1.2. Large variety of solutions in automation

3.1.3. Users own unique routine

3.2. Cost effective (long term)

3.2.1. Electricity usage

3.3. Appealing to anyone