Summer festival gig

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Summer festival gig by Mind Map: Summer festival gig

1. Promotion

1.1. Posters

1.1.1. Posters catch the eye of the audience and make them want to come down to the gig.

1.2. Social media

1.2.1. Social media connects to the followers on that platform and makes it easier to promote.

1.3. Flyers

1.3.1. These are very easy to use they can be plastered everywhere and people will see them all the time if they live in that area, work or have a education in that area.

2. Aims

2.1. Play at a selection of venues during the summer for a mini tour and make it like a festival through playing outdoors.

3. Objectives

3.1. The ideas we had were to get a few venues to play at and play at them with our new material from the EP.

3.2. Promote our new material off the EP when playing live at these venues.

4. Location

4.1. Solstice

4.2. Peacock

5. Time

5.1. We would need about 6 weeks to get all the venues on board and the some of the tracks recorded to give out at the gigs

6. Date

6.1. We would begin getting the gigs set up when we come back from half term so on the 21st April.

7. Marketing

7.1. Website

7.1.1. Having a website would be easy to sell the gig because it engages more and more people who don't use other social media platforms

7.2. Publicising through social media and posters

7.2.1. Social media and posters help gather peoples interest because the poster catches peoples eyes and the social media accounts share the date and time of the gig to all the followers.

8. Audience

8.1. Age

8.1.1. The age group would be people our age and a little bit oder because our music is more for their age and for young adults.

8.2. Localisation

8.2.1. People who live locally to the venue will be likely to come down and see us play.