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City Slicker's Mini Dove by Mind Map: City Slicker
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City Slicker's Mini Dove

Sire:Tupence Silver Dollar

Sire:Tupence Moonstone

Sire: MCH Goodwood Mr. Moonlight

Tupence Cha Cha

Dam:Belle Terre Latte Da

Sire: Tupence Casper

Dam: Belle Terre Mocha Lotta Chill

Dam: City Slicker's Moon Pie

Sire:Twin Creek BT As you like it *S

MCH/ 2* D Piddlin Acres Blue Thunder

MCH 2*D Twin Creek's Midsummernitedream

Dam: Mountain Quest Snickers

MCH Tupence Madison

Mountain Quest Chocolate Girl



Buck: Terra Mia Dakota Doc (Sold)

Buck: Terra Mia Count Draco


Terra Mia Davina (sold)


Terra Mia Alatta Truffle (Truffle), 2rd Place Sr Jr Doe Ring1&2 NWODGA Salem oregon May 31 2014

Terra Mia Gwynnhwfar (Sold)