Support for Honduran Immigrant Families

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Support for Honduran Immigrant Families by Mind Map: Support for Honduran Immigrant Families

1. Honduran Embassy/Consulate, located in Houston, not locally.

1.1. The Honorable Yolanda Oliva, (713) 785-5932.

2. The Welcome Center at SAISD

3. Understanding and acknowledging trauma carried from their home country, including poverty (most Hondurans) and racial/ethnic discrimination (Afro-Caribbean ancestry)

4. What other schools and school districts are experiencing the influx?

4.1. North East ISD

4.2. SAISD sites

4.2.1. Miller

4.2.2. Burbank

4.2.3. Brackenridge

4.2.4. Sam Houston

4.2.5. Lanier

4.2.6. Cotton

4.2.7. Edison

5. Language Issues

5.1. Honduran immigrants may speak a dialect of Spanish.

5.1.1. School system needs to do a language assessment (see other mindmap) to determine if Spanish or ESL is appropriate

5.1.2. If translators are needed, who might be available? Other Honduran immigrants who are bilingual The court system might have a list of who they use

6. Basic Needs

6.1. Housing

6.1.1. Extreme doubling-up

6.1.2. Very different housing from home country re: plumbing, walls, etc.

6.2. Food

6.2.1. Guadalupe Center

6.2.2. Food Bank

6.3. Getting ID

6.4. Transportation

6.4.1. VIA, including route maps

6.5. School uniforms, school supplies, shoes

6.5.1. May be available via McKinney-Vento

7. Who interfaces with this this population / how do we learn about them initially?

7.1. Churches & pastors

7.2. Other Honduran families who have contacted FSSS and who we have helped

7.3. Nurses

8. Governmental & Legal

8.1. Seeking asylum

8.2. Interactions with the court system

8.2.1. Vital importance of not missing court dates, often set at 30 days after initial paperwork

8.3. At risk for fraud

8.3.1. Fake immigrant attorneys who will seek their business

8.4. American Gateways

8.4.1. Lawyers who will help

8.5. City of San Antonio Immigration Liaison

8.5.1. Mr. Tino Gallegos, housed in the Office of the City Manager (210) 207-8993.


8.7. City of San Antonio's Immigration Services Center near Greyhound Bus station

8.7.1. Only for immigrants in transit to other places, coming through San Antonio but not staying

9. Possible Partner Agencies, Nonprofits

9.1. Catholic Charities


9.3. Guadalupe Center

9.4. Communities in Schools (CIS)

9.5. Good Sam

9.6. Center for Refugee Services

9.6.1. Not for immigrants, though -- just refugees.

9.7. Christian Hope Resource Center

9.7.1. Possibly. If they resolve the issue of asking immigrants to show identification.

9.8. ImmSchools

9.8.1. Higher education while undocumented