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My Future by Mind Map: My Future

1. Travel

1.1. Where

1.1.1. All of Europe

1.1.2. New York City, Miami, Chicago and Las Vegas

1.1.3. Canada

1.1.4. Latino America

1.1.5. Dubai

1.2. How

1.2.1. First class or on a private jet

1.3. With who

1.3.1. Husband and kids

1.3.2. Parents and brother

1.3.3. My brother and his family and my family

1.3.4. Friends (especially to places like Vegas)

2. Dreams

2.1. Be very rich

2.2. Have a very loyal and loving husband

2.3. Be good at cooking and baking

2.4. Meet Leonardo DiCaprio and Natalie Portman

3. Ambitions

3.1. Be super fit at the gym and always eat very healthy

3.2. Have a beautiful big house with an amazing view up in Hollywood Hills.

3.3. Three cars

3.3.1. Mercedes

3.3.2. BMW

3.3.3. Ferrari Italia

4. Career

4.1. Fashion

4.1.1. Fashion columnist for a magazine such as Vogue

4.1.2. Have my own fashion line

4.2. Literature

4.2.1. Write romantic teen fiction novels

4.3. TV/Film

4.3.1. Actress on a dramatic series

4.3.2. Star in movies/ supportive actress

5. Education

5.1. Tec de Monterrey

5.1.1. Major in communications

5.1.2. Minor in fashion marketing

6. People

6.1. Friends

6.1.1. Have friends at work

6.1.2. Go out a lot with friends to dinners, parties, clubs, etc.

6.2. Family

6.2.1. Four children

6.2.2. Hard working rich handsome husband