Greater Expectations

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Greater Expectations by Mind Map: Greater Expectations

1. The setting of Jesus' birth.

1.1. 400 silent years.

1.1.1. No prophecies.

1.1.2. No angelic visitations.

1.1.3. No miraculous events.

1.2. Rome ruled.

1.3. Poverty and day-to-day survival were the norm.

2. Four Lessons in Having Greater Expectations

2.1. Mary: Receive God's generosity.

2.2. Joseph: Look for God-sized miracles.

2.3. Zechariah: Trust God's promises.

2.4. Simeon: Refuse to settle for less than God's best.

2.5. Anna: Tell the world about God's faithfulness.

3. What I Expect God to Do

3.1. I expect Jesus to build His church.

3.2. I expect God to honor the gospel.

3.3. I expect lives to be changed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

3.4. I expect Jesus to fulfill His ministry in, around, and through us.

3.5. I expect Jesus to return.

3.6. I expect heaven.

4. What do YOU Expect?