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Types of Genres by Mind Map: Types of Genres

1. Narrative

1.1. Its a story to entertain or tell other people. it could be a fairy tale, adventurous and fantasy. It could be science fiction and realistic fiction. Personal narrative is also included in it. It is always written in Past Tense however dialogues are written in Present Tense .

2. Exposition

2.1. Its a way to present your own point of view after thinking hard about it. It could be a debate, an argument, a descriptive essay or a media article.

3. Recount

3.1. Its a way to retell an event that had happened in past. Its is based on actual events. Journal entry, diary entry and letters are some of its personal forms. Some other forms are news report or eye witness report. It can be based on imagination.

4. Procedure

4.1. Its a way to explain rules or steps to complete a task, that task could be directions, recipe, a manual, an experiment.

5. Report

5.1. Its a way to record factual information. Its includes science report, information report, news report. Its a detailed way of providing information on a particular topic or event. Report Writing is always in detail. Its format should be followed.

6. Explanation

6.1. Its a way to explain things that how they work and how they are and how they work in a certain way. It includes scientific explanation also.