Levels of Government

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Levels of Government by Mind Map: Levels of Government

1. Federal Government

1.1. National Defense

1.2. Criminal Law

1.3. criminal law it's when a criminal kills someone and a gauge tells how many years your in jail.

1.4. Copyrights

1.5. copyrights are when you copy someones idea and when you do you need too pay money.

1.6. Postal Services

1.7. postal services is your mail gets deliverers to your house everyday additional ounce will cost of mail is $0.15.

1.8. Taxes

1.9. RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)

1.10. Immigration and Citizenship

1.11. Aboriginal Land Rights

1.12. Old Age Pension

1.13. National Parks

2. Municipal Government

2.1. Road Signs

2.1.1. Traffic signs give you important information about the law, warn you about dangerous conditions.

2.2. park

2.2.1. parks are fun to play in and walking your dog if its a dog park you can use parks for riding your bike and your scooter.

2.3. Roads

2.4. Public Transportation

2.4.1. public transportation is going on the TTC and school buses and cars and also walking to school.

2.5. Libraries

2.6. Garbage & Recycle Collection

2.7. Snow Removal

2.8. Emergency Services (fire fighters, local police)

2.9. Water & Sewage

3. Provincial & Territorial Government

3.1. Healthcare

3.1.1. Healthcare is ambulances help you get to the hospital as fast as possibly for your health.

3.2. Education

3.2.1. education is getting good grades at school to get a job. education is writing tests and school work

3.3. Road Regulations

3.4. OPP (Ontario Provincial Police)

3.5. Driver's License

3.6. Energy

3.7. Provincial Parks