file explorer

Functions mind map

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file explorer by Mind Map: file explorer

1. basic functions

1.1. Download

1.2. Upload

1.3. Delete

1.4. user auth

2. intended functions

2.1. Rename

2.2. specific search

2.2.1. file size

2.2.2. type

2.2.3. date modified

2.3. Copy

2.4. Move/cut

2.5. Folders

2.6. Mouse navigation

2.7. separated parent and daughter file explorer

2.7.1. parent on left side (basic file explorer)

2.7.2. contents of selected "parent" folder/ file on right

2.7.3. intended effect is quicker file browsing

2.8. user set overall file explorer size

2.9. Move to on right click

3. advanced functions (further iterations)

3.1. folder managment options

3.1.1. folder size restrictions

3.1.2. folder file type restrictions

3.1.3. folder accesibility options

3.1.4. File size restrictions

3.1.5. secondary passwords or restrictions for important folders

3.2. optional single file explorer (no split screen)

3.3. folder and common file type icons

3.3.1. more image based navigation

3.4. more than one user

3.4.1. private user files separated

3.4.2. public folder (for sharing documents)

3.4.3. secondary passwords or restrictions for important folders

3.5. Search function