GIV Global Impact Visa (EHF)

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GIV Global Impact Visa (EHF) by Mind Map: GIV Global Impact Visa (EHF)

1. (read first) Important information

1.1. EHF hints and tips

1.2. GIV criteria

1.3. Immigration guide - steps & info

2. Applying for your visa

2.1. Application Steps for Fellows only

2.1.1. 1. Create a RealMe user

2.1.2. 2. Apply online Check the criteria

3. Resources

3.1. Application Info

3.1.1. GIV criteria

3.1.2. Immigration file - steps & info

3.1.3. EHF Hints and tips

3.2. Contacts

3.2.1. [email protected]

3.3. NZ Gov Immigration Website

3.4. Arriving & Settling in NZ

4. Help! I've missed the GIV application deadline

4.1. Keep working on your GIV paperwork to apply ASAP

4.2. send an email [email protected]

4.2.1. ASAP!

4.3. NZ Visitor Visa conditions

4.4. Visa waiver countries list

5. Applying for Permanent Resident visa

5.1. Immigration Requirements

5.2. August 2019 - EHF is still defining what it means to have our support for PR application. We will let you know as soon as we have it.

6. Options for Australians

6.1. Australian Resident Visa

6.2. Special rules for Australian citizens and residents

6.3. Partner of a New Zealander Resident Visa

6.4. Moving to New Zealand from Australia

6.5. Can Australian citizens apply for a student loan?

7. Applying for Fellow's family visas

7.1. Life partners

7.1.1. Partnership requirements

7.1.2. Check criteria & Online application

7.2. Dependent child(ren)

7.2.1. Student Visa

7.2.2. Visitor visa

7.3. Parents

7.3.1. Parent Retirement Resident Visa

7.3.2. Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa

7.3.3. Temporary Retirement Visitor Visa

7.3.4. Parent Category questions and answers

7.3.5. -temporarily closed- Parent Resident Visa

8. Video: applying to GIV - Dec 2018

9. Cohort 5 GIV deadline: AUGUST 31

9.1. Only apply once you have ALL the paperwork needed! (police certificates, medical check, EHF acceptance letter, proof of maintenance funds)

10. Visitor Visa

10.1. New rules from 1 October 2019!!

10.1.1. Visitors from some countries will need a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) before departure.