Planning Your Kajabi site

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Planning Your Kajabi site by Mind Map: Planning Your Kajabi site

1. Will you use Kajabi for your public website?

1.1. Yes - Set up your pages to make your website

1.1.1. Create a navigation menu and link your pages

1.2. No - You just need to setup your Library (for your members) and the Store (for the public and shows all your products)

1.2.1. You can add a link on your website to connect to your Kajabi site

2. Will you use a blog on Kajabi?

2.1. Yes, set up your blog page and your blog post templates

2.2. No - you don't need to do anything

3. Do you want to use a Custom Domain?

3.1. Choice 1: use "" (which is the default)

3.2. Choice 2: use a domain that you own to point to your Kajabi site (e.g. "")

3.2.1. Setup a free Cloudflare account and use the domain that you want

3.2.2. Follow the instructions in Kajabi under "Settings" and "Custom Domain

3.2.3. Make the nameserver changes at your domain registrar and change the CNAME record in Cloudflare

3.2.4. Be sure to set up the SSL to secure your website

3.2.5. Add the Page Rules to cover the "www" version of your site and the non-www version

4. Will you use Kajabi for your email marketing?

4.1. If yes, you don't need to do anything else

4.2. If no, connect your email service through the "Third Party Integrations" section

5. Will you use Stripe, Paypal or both to process your payments?

5.1. Stripe is a payment processor that connects to Kajabi and buyer enter their credit card info and the funds are transferred to your bank automatically

5.1.1. You need a brand new Stripe account or a sub-account (if you already are using Stripe)

5.1.2. Be sure to set up email receipts under the Stripe settings so your customer get an email receipt when they purchase

5.2. Paypal is also a payment processor, but buyers can use an account to connect and pay through it.

5.2.1. Note that recurring payments through Paypal require that the buyer create an account

6. Do you plan on "dripping" content to your members?

6.1. Yes, set up the Drip settings for what time of day that the content will be released

6.2. No, you don't need to do anything

6.3. Not sure? You can change this later on