Lauren Gilmore Map

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Lauren Gilmore Map by Mind Map: Lauren Gilmore Map

1. Red Harvest

1.1. The murder of Dina (and the symbolism of the weapon-the ice pick) vs the murder of the men: all killed with traditional weapons of war, specifically mentioned as black and from a distance.

1.2. The ice pick

1.2.1. the color

1.2.2. phallic and sexual representation of the object the ice pick is the only object to penetrate Dina--recorded to us by the narration. PG.

1.2.3. the proximity--its use as a domestic tool

1.2.4. it’s connection to the continuing alcohol motif

1.2.5. The fact that she owns the item used

1.3. Noir Genre of the Femme Fatale

1.3.1. does Dina actually fit there

2. Feminist and Anarchy theory

2.1. Helen Cixous The laugh of medusa

3. Consider:

3.1. Power Dynamics and relationships

3.2. Marxist theories

3.3. New Historicism: contextualizing the story

3.4. masculinity

4. Revision Activity

4.1. Focus, Topic, Purpose, Tone