Talent Analytics

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Talent Analytics by Mind Map: Talent Analytics

1. Employee Experience

1.1. Virtual Assistant

1.1.1. Basic Concepts Interaction Type Menu/Button-Based Chatbots Keyword Recognition-Based Chatbots Contextual Chatbots Integration with HRIS Generic answers (not connected) Specific answers and actions (connected) Channels Messaging Services Mobile App Web

1.1.2. Use Cases HR Admin Services AVI Minsur LARA Rimac Recruitment Onboarding Events Training Company Policies

1.1.3. Providers RoboRecuiter Jobvite TextRecruit

1.2. Nudges

1.2.1. Basic Concepts Behavioural Science Nudge

1.2.2. Use Cases Change Management Feedback Recogntion Healty Habits Motivation Decision Making Inclusion Compliance

1.2.3. Providers Humu

1.3. Learning

1.3.1. Basic Concepts Virtual Learning Environments Smart Learning Content Intelligent Tutoring Content Analytics

1.3.2. Use Cases VR/AR Training Virtual Training Knowledge Management

1.3.3. Providers Degreed Talent LMS Blackboard

1.4. Engagement

1.4.1. Basic Concepts Active Real Time Listening Pasive Measurement Two Way Dialogue Employee Journey Focus Risk Focus

1.4.2. Usa Cases Engagement Pulse Survey OFFICEVIBE Breca UNs Engagement Pasive Measurement Continuos Feedback Recognition

1.4.3. Providers Officevibe Peakon BaudvilleBrands

1.5. Organizational Network Analysis

1.5.1. Basic Concepts Active ONA Passive ONA

1.5.2. Use Cases Influencers Identificacion INFLUENCERS Intursa AGENTES DE CAMBIO Rimax Reduce Time in On-boarding High Performance Behaviours High Potential Behaviours Impact in Diversity and Inclusion Real Expert and Hipos Identification

1.5.3. Providers ADN Endomarketing Cognitive Talent Solution Polinode TrustSphere MS Myplace Analytics

2. Decision Support

2.1. Descriptive Analytics

2.1.1. Basic Concepts Metrics KPI Benchmark Alerts Hypotesis Data as a Service

2.1.2. Use Cases KPI Dashboard HR Processes Metrics Cause Effect Analysis Talent Readiness Talent Headmap

2.1.3. Providers OneModel Visier SwoopTalent

2.2. Predictive Analytics

2.2.1. Use Cases Turnover Prediction Recruitment Prediction Workforce Planning

2.2.2. Providers

2.3. Prescriptive Analytics

2.3.1. Use Cases Workforce Optimization Decision Support Systems

2.3.2. Providers

2.4. Cognitive Analytics

2.4.1. Use Cases Career Development Performance Management Personal Learning

2.4.2. Providers

3. Diversity and Inclusion

3.1. Inside People

3.2. Between People

3.3. Outside People

4. Technology

4.1. IoT

4.2. Blockchain

4.2.1. Next

4.2.2. Kleros

4.3. VR / AR

4.3.1. Next

4.3.2. Proximity

4.4. Cloud Services

4.4.1. AWS

4.4.2. GoogleCloud

4.4.3. Azure

4.4.4. Knack

4.4.5. Outsystems

4.4.6. MarkLogic

4.4.7. Smartsheet

5. Data-driven

5.1. Big Data

5.2. AI

6. Automation

6.1. Transactional Processes

6.1.1. Use Cases Benefits Payroll Budget

6.1.2. Providers SAP Success Factor

6.2. Talent Management

6.2.1. Use Cases Compensation Recruitment Performance Evaluation Potential Evaluation Succession Planing HR Services

6.2.2. Providers Mandu Success Factors SilkRoad iCims Saba ServiceNow Ultimate Workday

6.3. Communication and Events

6.3.1. Use Cases Workplace Social Network Intranet Messaging Event Manager

6.3.2. Providers Yammer Facebook MyWorkplace Slack miTalent Attendify