5 top laws of leadership

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5 top laws of leadership by Mind Map: 5 top laws of leadership

1. Law of process

1.1. You can not read a book, listen to a lecture or talk with the guru and become a leader at the click of your fingers. The formation of the necessary qualities take months and even years, so without perseverance and daily practice, you will never achieve leadership status.

2. Law of respect

2.1. The essence of the law is that people are ready to follow leaders who intuitively seem to us to be stronger and more capable than ourselves.

3. Law of sacrifice

3.1. The leader is able to recognize local defeats and periodically makes sacrifices for the sake of the highest goal. The path to success is not a fenced staircase, but a dangerous mountain trail, on which you must immediately prepare for possible falls. And the higher you advance as a leader, the more you have to sacrifice - you cannot be saved from this, you must learn to cope with it.

4. Law of communication

4.1. It is very difficult, and sometimes impossible at all, to become a leader for people with whom you do not maintain close relationships.

5. Law of the near circle

5.1. The potential of a leader is largely determined by his environment. You may sometimes have to step on your feelings and get rid of people pulling you to the bottom.