Intro/Chapter 1 Mind Map

Intro/Chapter 1 Mind Map

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Intro/Chapter 1 Mind Map by Mind Map: Intro/Chapter 1 Mind Map

1. Humor is also associated with trying to escape or evade a situation.

1.1. You can find out information about the class system through humor and how it relates to the relationship between the classes in a country

2. Black humor is almost always connected to tragedy and suffering

3. People that are poor display humor towards the wealthy

4. Humor is portrayed differently by race, class, and gender in regards to certain situations

5. Brazil has an unequal balance of poverty/violence vs beauty/romance

6. The festival known as carnival can be seen as being a time for forgetting which utilizes the concept of laughter that the author talks about. It also can be seen as a time of remembrance and a time when "everything is permitted, and anything is possible"

6.1. Men are able to express themselves more freely during carnival than women

7. Discusses how people in poverty survive in the conditions they are accustomed to living

7.1. The poor still find a way to express joy

7.2. Maintain relationships that are difficult or uneasy. Especially blood related bonds

8. Government seen as an institution that shows favoritism and helps one class more than the other